Articles of Faith

We Believe in:

  1. The Truine God
  2. Jesus Christ
  3. The Holy Spirit
  4. The Holy Scriptures
  5. Sin - Original and Personal
  6. Atonement
  7. Prevenient Grace
  8. Repentance
  9. Justification, Regeneration, Adoption
  10. Christian Holiness and Entire Sanctification
  11. The Church
  12. Baptism
  13. The Lord's Supper
  14. Divine Healing
  15. The Second Coming of Christ
  16. Resurrection, Judgment, and Destiny

Please read the full text related to the Articles of Faith  with Bible references and explanations.

The Articles of Faith are also available online translated into Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French,
Portuguese, Samoan, Vietnamese, and other languages.

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