Sunday school



Sunday School is not as boring as the title may sound. Here at First Baptist Church, we have our Sunday School time following our morning service. We offer several different groups with a few different topics of study. The groups start at 11:15 and run until about noon. They are guided by a leader and include conversation, question and answers, and usually a bit of laughter is heard coming from the rooms. Not only is Sunday School a great way to press in deeper into Scripture but also a great way to get to know other people within the church. 


Current Class offerings:


Bible-In-Life (Faith that Pleases God)

This class currently meets in room 23. The focus of this class walks through various studies looking through several different books of the Bible each quarter. 


Explore the Bible (Genesis 1-19)

This class currently meets in room 24 as well as the library. The material walks through different books of the Bible helping the class grow as disciples through diving deeper into specific books.


The 7 Churches of Revelation

This class is meeting in room 9. This study takes a look into both the history and current questions pertaining to the 7 churches that are discussed within the mysterious book of Revelation.  


30 Life Principles

This class meets in the sanctuary. The study presents different principles from Scripture and helps the believer recognize them and apply them to their lives. The focus is the help the believers not only apply them to their lives but also to help them live triumphantly through Christ.