What Is Wow? 

WoW (Worship on Wednesday) is what's happening at Centennial UMC at Ivy on Wednesday nights (Sept - May)!


What to Expect:

5:30pm • Dinner

Dinner is served at 5:30pm. Don't worry about cooking dinner on Wednesday nights; our dedicated kitchen crew has it covered! Come and enjoy dinner and conversation with friends at Centennial. 

6pm • Kids, Youth & Adult Study

At 6 pm, we will break up into groups for study and activities. Kids in kindergarten through 6th grade will gather for music and a lesson. Students in 7th - 12th grade will meet for youth group activities. Adults will participate in a drop-in friendly small group study. New faces are always welcome!

7pm • Worship 

At 7 pm, all ages will gather back together in the sanctuary for a family friendly worship experience as we engage the word of God, worship God with uplifting music, and pray in community. Communion will be served on the first Wednesday of every month. We practice open communion. All are welcome at Christ's table of grace. 

Worship will conclude at 7:30 pm, and we will be sent into the world, filled with the spirit of God's love and inspired to embrace the rest of our busy week with hope and joy. 

Questions:  Contact Pastor Dani