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The Universal Version Bible - The Greek Scriptures (All 27 books of the New Testament) (This is just the text and does not include the 100,000+ notes that are in the volumes below)

The Universal Version  Bible -- The Torah (Gen.-Deu.)

The Universal Version Bible -- The Nevi'im Rishonim (Former Prophets) Part 1 (Joshua, Judges, I Samuel)

The Universal Version Bible -- The Nev'im Rishonim (Former Prophets) Part 2 (II Samuel, I Kings, II Kings) 

The Universal Version Bible -- The Nev'im Aharonim Part 1 (Isaiah and Jeremiah)

The Universal Version Bible -- The Synoptic Evangels (Mat.-Luke)

The Universal Version Bible -- The History Scrolls (John-Acts)

The Universal Version Bible The Jewish Epistles (James, I & II Peter, I, II, & III John, Jude)

The Universal Version Bible - Paul's Epistles (Rom, I & II Cor, Gal, Eph, Phi, Col, I & II The, Heb, I & II Tim, Tit, Phe)

The Universal Version Bible - The Prophetic Scripture and Appendixes (Revelation)

Victory Year Sets

Victory Volume 1 - Issues 1-4  2008

Victory Volume 2 - Issues 5-8  2009


Issue 1  Jan.-March 2008

Issue 2  April-June 2008

Issue 3  July-Sept. 2008

Issue 4  Oct.-Dec. 2008

Issue 5  Jan.-March 2009

Issue 6  April-June 2009

Issue 7  July-Sept. 2009

Issue 8  Oct.-Dec. 2009

Issue 9  Jan.-March 2010

Issue 10 April-June 2010

Issue 11 July-Sept. 2010

Issue 12 Oct.-Dec. 2010

Issue 13  Jan.-March 2010

Issue 14 April-June 2011

Issue 15 July-Sept.2011

Issue 16 Oct.-Dec.2011

Issue 17 Jan.-March 2012

Issue 18 April-June 2012

All books are written by Bill Petri unless noted. Just click on the title link to see a preview of your choice. 

Hard Cover Books

A Better Understanding

The Undivided Error

The Grace Solution

Paperback Books

A Better Understanding

The Undivided Error

Government, War, and the Christian

War and Grace

The Horrors of Racial Prophecy

These Three are One

The Grace Solution

Water and Spirit

Do the Scriptures Grow a Tulip



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