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Length of Jesus' Ministry

I.                   Contacts in Judea – 4-5 months 

1.      Jordan baptism and temptation  --Mat.3:1-4:11; Mk.1:4-13; Lk.3:1-4,13

2.      At Jordan again, meets Andrew and Peter – Jn.1:19-42

3.      Return to Galilee – Cana and 1st miracle – Jn.1:43-2:12

4.      At Jerusalem for Passover; Nicodemus meeting – Jn.2:13-3:21

5.      Interval of teaching, baptizing in Judea near Jordan – Jn.3:22-36

6.      Galilee again & Sychar woman, 2nd Cana miracle – Jn.4:1-54

7.      At Jerusalem feast: Bethesda cure: Jews oppose – Jn.5:1-47 

II.                Circuit of Galilee – about 22 months

1.      3 synoptic accounts of Galilean ministry – Mat.4:12-Chapter 18; Mk.1:14-Chapter 9; Lk.4:14-9:50

2.      Short break to Jerusalem for Feast of Tabernacles – Jn.7:2-10:21

3.      Slow final exit journey from Galilee – Lk.9:51-18:14

4.      Stop in Perea, visit to Jerusalem, Feast of Dedication – Jn.10:22-39

5.      Perea again; then up to Bethany to raise Lazarus – Jn10:40-11:54

6.      From a city called Ephraim to triumphal entry – Mat.19:1-21:2; Mk.10:1-11:2; Lk.18:15-19:44; Jn.11:54-12:19 

III.             At Jerusalem – One week

1.      Clashes with Jewish leaders in Jerusalem – Mat.21:12-chapter 23; Mk. chapters 11-12; Lk.19:45-21:4

2.      Olivet Discourse – Mat. chapters 24-25; Mk.13; Lk.19:45-21:4

3.      At Bethany: the anointing by Mary – Mat.26, Mk.14; Jn.12

4.      Last Passover: Discourse to the apostles – Mat.26; Mk.14; Lk.22; Jn. Chapters 13-17

5.      Gethsemane, arrest, Peter’s denial -- Mat.26; Mk. 14; Lk. 22; Jn.18

6.      Arraignment, crucifixion, and burial – Mt.27; Mk.15; Lk.23; Jn.18:28-chapter 19


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