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We are presently mtg. as home study groups in the Buffalo, NY. area.

Please feel free to contact us for times and locations.




If you are looking for a Bible study that teaches the Word of God and has no ties to any man made denomination we offer the studies  for you! Beacon - Ministries is an independent non-profit Bible study fellowship, which seeks to assist in the "godly edifying" of your soul through "sound doctrine." Today we find no shortage of Bible teaching, but sound Bible doctrine which "rightly divides the word of truth" in accordance with the "revelation of the mystery of MESSIAH" all while teaching the complete and utter Victory of Jesus MESSIAH is not that common. Our earnest desire is to see "the eyes of your understanding" opened to a greater knowledge of what Jesus MESSIAH accomplished for all His creation! We pray that the studies found here will allow the edification process to be accomplished in your life! We do not seek to be affiliated with any religion, or denomination. All we seek is to allow the Scriptures to be our authority, and to follow wherever they may lead us. Lastly, our hearts desire is that all men and women would experience the love of Jesus MESSIAH, and  the comfort and peace that love brings with it.

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