Timing of Daniel's 70th Week Events

I.                   Beginning Birth Pangs 

"Beginning of birth pangs
(Matthew 24)

1st 4 seals
(Revelation 6)

1. False messiahs who will mislead many (Mat.24:5)

1. 1st seal: Rider on white horse, a false messiah (Rev.6:2)

2. Wars, rumors of wars, nation rising against nation (Mat.24:6-7)

2. 2nd seal: Rider on red horse takes away peace from earth (Rev.6:3-4)

3. Famines (Mat.24:7)

3. 3rd Seal: Rider on black horse holds balances, represents famine (Rev.6:5-6)

4. Death through famine, and earthquakes (Mat.24:7)

4. 4th seal: Rider on pale horse, represents death through famine, pestilence, and wild beasts (Rev.6:7-8)


II.                Abomination of Desolation Mat.24:15 (Critical Events at the Midpoint of Daniel’s 70th Week)

1.    War breaks out in heaven (Rev.12:7) and results in Adversary being cast out of heaven (Rev.12:12).

2.    Adversary empowers Anti-messiah (2 Thes.2:9; Rev.13:12).

3.    Michael’s restraining work against Adversary is removed (2 Thes.2:6-7; Dan.12:1).

4.    The man of sin is revealed (2 Thes.2:3)

5.    The abomination of desolation takes place in the temple (Mat.24:15, 2 Thes.2:4)

6.    The covenant with Israel is broken (Dan.9:24)

7.    Anti-messiah exalted above all others (2 Thes.2:4)

8.    The worship of the mid Eastern world is demanded by Anti-messiah (2 Thes.2:4; Rev.13:3-4,12,14-15)

9.    The Babylonian Whore is destroyed (Rev.17:16)

10.  The eonian evangel is proclaimed and a warning to those who would take the mark of the Anti-messiah (Rev.14:6-9)

11.  The 2 witnesses begin their ministry (Rev.11:1-14)

12.  Persecution of faithful Israel, those who keep the testimony of YAHWEH (Dan12:1; Mat.24:20-23; 2 Thes.1:4-6)

13.  The apostasy or falling away increases (2 Thes.2:3; Mat.24:9-12).

III.             Day of YAHWEH Mat.24:29-30

Pivotal Texts (sun, moon, stars)






Joel 2:10

Joel 2:1

Joel 2:30-31

Joel 2:31

Joel 3:15

Joel 3:14

Amos 5:20

Amos 5:18-20



Acts 2:20

Acts 2:20