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New Horizon Web design
A ministry of Living Hope Ministries

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Rob: 410-459-4365

Thank you for looking into New Horizon Web Design, we offer full designing of websites, graphics for your site, and tech support to follow up with you and keep your site active and contemporary. For the low cost of $175 we can secure a domain name and get your site started and you can maintain and keep up with your very own site for $50 a month. All of our services differ in price from graphics to page design, however we are always willing to work with you or your ministry to keep it economical in these times. 

Now and days you need a site to be seen and to be heard, before anyone walks through the doors of your business or your church they will look you up online. What better way to be able to be seen than to have a cutting edge website that showcases who you are. With features such as live streaming and having an online store capability you are able to reach people before they ever walk through your door. 

Rob is just one of our designers that takes pride in what they do just look at two sites that they have done, Living Word Ministries and Living Hope Ministries. With the quick set-up of your site you will be live and ready to go within a week and will be able to send out mass newsletters and even have pages for your ministries and or products within that same time. 

We work as a team and will work together to either bring your old domain name with you or even create a new one. Contact us today to talk about what we can do for your ministry and how we can help you reach the world!

Some of our testimonials about our web tool "site tackle":

"Thanks for helping us to become up-to-date with the rest of the world!"
- Al Chandler, Paducah, KY

"Hey! Wanted to let you know what a help you've been. Especially, with all of my questions!"
- Jason Everidge, Bushnell, FL

"Thanks for this outstanding tool! Other options were either too expensive or difficult to use."
- Larry Lacher, Roxana, IL

"We are very pleased with our new web site. I cannot believe how easy it was to set up and how easy it is to maintain. Thank you! "
- Terry Simpkins, Festus, MO

"I found this to be so much easier to maintain and keep up to date, thank you so much for this blessing."

-Rick Lairsey, Damascus, MD