The Bible

God speaks to us through the Bible. The Spirit of God guided the Bible writers so that they wrote without error. The Bible contains all we need to know about God, about ourselves, and about life here and hereafter. It contains the good news and the bad news. 


The Bad News

Sin is two-fold:

1. Willful disobedience to God's known law.

2. The evil twist and corruption in human nature. So all men, are sinful by nature and sinners by practice, and therefore are in need of redemption since the wages of sin is death.


The Good News

Salvation has been made possible by Christ's atoning death on the cross of Calvary. By His death and resurrection Christ has won a four-fold salvation for us:

1. Regeneration in which we are forgiven of all sins and baptized by the Spirit into the body of Christ.

2. Entire sanctification in which we are baptized with the Holy Spirit and cleansed from the carnal mind.

3. Growth in grace after sanctification in which we walk in new light as it is given and are made more and more like Jesus.

4. Immortality of body and soul.


Jesus Christ

He is one with the Father and with the Holy Spirit, but for our redemption He became Man. He was conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary. He was without sin. He died to save us, but arose from the dead and is now ascended to heaven where He is at the right hand of God, interceding for us. We look for His return in power and majesty to set up a millennial kingdom on earth. At the last He will judge the world in righteousness. 


The Holy Spirit

He is one with the Father and the Son. He is a Person and is God's Agent in convicting and convincing sinners of sin. He regenerates believing sinners, and sanctifies consecrated Christians. He magnifies Christ in the lives of believers and energizes them to live victoriously. 


What We Believe


I. God, The Father 

  1. God the Father is the first Person of the Trinity.
  2. God is the Creator of the entire universe.
  3. God is All-Powerful.
  4. God is everywhere.
  5. God is All-Knowing.
  6. God is eternal.
  7. God is holy and just.
  8. God is loving and merciful.
  9. God is worthy of our total trust and submission.


II. God, The Son, Jesus Christ 

  1.  Jesus Christ is God.
  2.  Jesus Christ is man.
  3.  Jesus Christ is our Savior.
  4.  Jesus Christ is alive.
  5.  Jesus Christ will return to earth.
  6.  Jesus Christ will be our judge.


III. God, The Holy Spirit 

  1.  The Holy Spirit is God.
  2.  The Holy Spirit is a Person.
  3.  The Holy Spirit is the source of conviction.
  4.  The Holy Spirit is the administrator of God’s grace.
  5.  The Holy Spirit is the indwelling sustainer.
  6.  The Holy Spirit is the source of our understanding about Christ.


IV. The Bible 

  1.  The Bible is God’s inspired Word.
  2.  The Bible is infallible (foolproof).
  3.  The Bible is the only rule of faith and practice.
  4.  The Bible is the Gospel, which is the power of God for our salvation.


V. Man 

  1.  Man is a created being.
  2.  Man has great worth.
  3.  Man is entrusted with great responsibility.
  4.  Man is a sinner by nature and by choice.


VI. Salvation 

  1.  Salvation meets man’s need to be saved from sin.
  2.  Salvation is the result of God’s mercy, grace, and love.
  3.  Salvation is conditioned on repentance and faith.
  4.  Salvation may be said to be in three stages (regeneration, sanctification, and glorification).


VII. Regeneration (New Birth) 

  1.  The new birth is an act of God whereby we are made children of God in response to faith.
  2.  The new birth is verified by the Holy Spirit.
  3.  The new birth enables us to live righteously.


VIII. Sanctification (Holiness) 

  1.  Entire sanctification is a second, definite work of God’s grace.
  2.  Entire sanctification does not mean an individual is perfect to the point of being unable to sin or is no longer in need of spiritual growth.
  3. All holiness involves separation from sin to God.
  4.  Holiness enables the consecrated believer to live above sin and to “walk in the light” God gives.


IX. Glorification (Our Bodies Becoming Perfect At Christ’s Second Coming) 

  1. Glorification is the last act of redeeming grace.
  2. Glorification involves a physical change.
  3. Glorification is “final” salvation where the redeemed will spend eternity forever with God!  


X. The Church 

  1.  The true Church is the Body of Christ.
  2.  The Church is more than any denomination of Christianity.
  3.  The Church is both a human and a divine institution.
  4.  The Church is a body of fellowship.
  5.  The Church is a body with a mission. (To reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.)


XI. Gifts Of The Spirit 

  1. The gifts of the Spirit are the specific, enabling graces God gives the Church.
  2. All the gifts are under the Sovereign allowance of the Holy Spirit.
  3. We do not believe the “gift of tongues” to be an unknown prayer language.


XII. The Sacraments 

  1. We recognize only two sacraments or church ordinances: baptism &  The Lord’s Supper (Communion/Eucharist)
  2. The sacraments do not allow us to experience the new birth; they are privileges granted to us after God’s grace allows us to experience the new birth.


XIII. Stewardship 

  1. Christian stewardship springs forth from the recognition that we are not our own.
  2. Christian stewardship embraces the practice of tithing (giving back to God 10% of all income that He has blessed us with).  


XIV. The Sabbath 

  1. The Jewish Sabbath is from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday.
  2. The Christian Sabbath, also known as The Lord’s Day, is on Sunday.  It celebrates the fact that Christ rose from the dead on the first day of the week, Sunday.


XV. Christian Conduct 

  1.  Christian conduct demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit.
  2.  Christian conduct is based on love.
  3.  Christian conduct is patterned after Christ.
  4.  Christian conduct expresses care and kindness to others.
  5.  Christian conduct is a major focus of the New Testament writers.


XVI. Sexual Immorality 

  1. All sexual immorality is considered “sin” in the sight of God. God’s grace imparted to us in the new birth and sanctification allows us to live without participating in all sin.
  2. Sexual Immorality” includes, but is not limited to: incest, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, sex outside of marriage, pedophilia, and pornography (viewing or participating in the act).


XVII. The Hereafter 

  1.  All people will be judged.
  2.  Born Again Believers will be judged according to their works.
  3.  Those who haven’t experienced the new birth will be sentenced.