As Kibuye Hope Hospital and Hope Africa University train more medical professionals the medical services available in Burundi will improve. More families will have access to quality, reliable medical care. Less time spent struggling with illness will help families in their struggle with hunger and poverty. As children grow up in healthier families they will be free to focus more on education.

This will lead to a growing group of educated Burundians, both through the growth of universities such as HAU and through an increasing number of children who can get through their years of state provided education. These young Burundians will contribute to the future of Burundi through the development and diversification of their career and family choices. A healthy, educated populace is equipped to increase their own livelihoods and make changes and improvements, and build more infrastructure, which will help make, and keep, even more Burundians healthy and educated.

A healthy and educated populace also has the time, and motivation, to be involved in a democracy, something much needed if Burundi is to develop into a stable state with a long democratic tradition. As Burundi grows more stable and prosperous, this prosperity will begin to spread to its neighbors, as educated professionals go out into the world. The professionals will help to create healthy populations in other areas, and the growth and hope for the future will continue.

This is, of course, an optimistic picture of the future, but the growth of medical care and education in Burundi has the potential to make such a positive impact.

Assist in achieving this vision for Burundi: Give, Pray