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Payroll Services

For experts in church/pastor payroll, we recommend one of the following Payroll Providers. Their costs are VERY reasonable!  In fact, I'm sure that you will find that you cannot afford to continue to pay and prepare required government tax returns for what they charge.  Plus the liability risks are shifted to the Service Provider! 

Ministry Works (a division of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance)
(866) 215-5544 http//

Stewardship Payroll Services
(317) 900-7025, Ext 1



Health Reform
Churches must complete and send the following form to every employee annually: 

DOL Notice OMB #1210-0149

Click on the following link for information regarding the Health Reform and how it applies to Wabash churches and pastors…


Workman’s Compensation

Indiana and Illinois require workman’s compensation coverage, even if a church has only a pastor.


General Liability Insurance
All Wabash local churches are to carry property and liability insurance. We encourage our local churches to shop around for the best insurance coverage and premiums for their church.  

FMCUSA Additional Insured Requirements

FMCUSA Guidelines:

Suggested Insurance Guidelines

Summary of Coverage Form

Many of our churches use one of the following agents.  Be sure to mention that you are part of Wabash Conference to participate in their Discount Partnership Program


  • Representing Brotherhood Insurance - Dave Wesner, American Church Group (800) 572-6197

  • Representing GuideOne - Patrick Vance, Thomas & Associates Insurance - Part of WAFD Insurance Group (360) 629-2103, ext 313 or (800) 227-5846

  • Church Mutual (800) 554-2642