Reports to Senior Pastor

·      The Prayer Coordinator understands that prayer is a vital part of EFMC.

·      The focus of the Prayer Chain ministry is to call the Church to prayer.

·      The Prayer Coordinator has an active personal intercessory prayer ministry.

·      Plan, recruit and activate a prayer chain. [Training available.]

o   Recruits individuals as prayer chain partners

o   Makes a list of names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses of prayer chain partners (how do they want to be advised to pray?)

o   Follow-up with individuals with needs for updates.

·      First, notifies senior pastor of needs that are brought to the Prayer Chain Coordinator.

·      Second, notifies prayer chain partners once prayer need has been confirmed to be placed on prayer chain. At no time will a prayer be placed on the prayer chain without confirmation that the individual agrees to have the need placed on the prayer chain.

·      Encourage EFMC congregation to join in fasting and praying for specific needs.

·      May place an article on website or Facebook page to encourage greater church community to pray.

·      Pray regularly and encourage others to pray for EFMC pastors Denise Abston and Nathan Hartzell.

·      Regularly meet with the senior pastor.

Revised: February, 2016