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Opportunities for children from infants through 5th grade to experience God's love and salvation!

   Pastor Jasmine Lent Videos:

   Week 1

   Week 2

   Week 3

                            Week 4

                            Week 5

                            Week 6


Pastor Jasmine wants to get to know you!

Complete a coloring page each week to share about you and your great ideas!

Here is some information about Pastor Jasmine!

Here is one for you to do this week!  Click HERE and it will download for you to color.


Getting to Know Me - Week 2


Getting to Know Me - Week 3


Kids' Video Lessons: Each week for the next several weeks we will be posting a video lesson or activity for kids and their families on our Facebook page and here on our web page. The lessons are designed so that kids and their parents can have fun together, interact, and talk about the lesson. If you would like to check it out right now, just click below!


Video Lessons for families!


Week 1 - March 25 Jesus' Power Calms Our Fears
Week 2 - April 1 Jesus' Power Calms Our Worries
Week 3 - April 8 Jesus' Power is Unexpected
Week 4 - April 12 Easter - Jesus' Power Means we don't have to Fear Death
Week 5 - April 15 Jesus' Power Takes Action
Week 6 - April 22 Jesus' Power Helps Us When We're Lonely
Week 7 - April 29 Jesus' Power Brings Hope
Week 8 - May 6 Jesus' Power Lives in Us
Week 9 - May 13 It's Good to Worship God With Others
Week 10 - May 20

Sermon on the Mount:  Prayer


July 5, 2020



Kids Page 1

Kids Page 2

Kids can follow along with the message and color the pages Pastor Jasmine has shared here.

July 12, 2020 Kid's Page Page focused on Trust

July 19, 2020

July 26, 2020


Watch this video then create your own artwork showing a time when God showed His faithfulness in your life. 

--- See more information below ---

An invitation to kids and adults alike : How has God been faithful in your life?

We want to encourage all members of John Wesley FMC, no matter how young or how old, to find a creative way to express how God has been faithful to you.  For this coming week, take a few minutes to watch this video with your family and then create a masterpiece!  Once your artwork is complete, please email a picture of your finished piece to Wes Sanders at  

A collection of our Faithful Frames will be posted on our church website NEXT Sunday (07/26/20).  

We hope you will join us in this church-wide activity! And let's share with one another how God has been faithful to YOU!

Check out the first few submissions!


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