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what to expect


Everyone is welcome at Holt Church of the Nazarene. Whether you are simply seeking to understand what the church is all about, to discover who Jesus is, or are looking for a new church home, we would be delighted to have you attend our worship service.



People often ask, What should I wear to church? Don't worry, when you arrive you will find people dressed in all kinds of attire. There are those who like to dress up a bit to come to church, but there are also those who are comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. Come and be comfortable. We are about worshipping God, not modeling our wardrobe!


Worship Service

Our worship services are every Sunday at 11:00 A.M(ish).

If you have children they are welcome in our worship service. If you wish, they may join our children when they are dismissed to attend a worship experience designed just for them.  All of our volunteers undergo a thorough background check. 



Please, come in and make yourself at home. Our services usually begin with a time of music led by our worship team in which people may stand or choose to sit. The songs are usually a mixture of familiar titles along with some that might be new to you. If you know the songs, please sing with us, if not—don't worry about it and just relax and worship the Lord. 



During services we will have a time to recieve tithes and offering. Giving back a portion of what the Lord has given us remains an important part of HoltNaz's worship.  We want our member and guests alike to feel welcome to give as the Holy Spirit leads. 



The sermon seeks both to teach and to inspire, to offer both guidance and motivation.  Our goal is for the Scriptures to literally come alive in your heart and mind! If you have a Bible, you are welcome to bring it with you or use your favorite electronic version of the Bible on your phone or other electronic device.  



We believe that prayer is an important way of connecting with God.  There are times of prayer throughout the service.  Additionally, there may be a time during the service when you are invited to come forward for a special time of prayer at the altar.



At least once a month our worship service includes a time to celebrate Communion. You don't have to be a member of the church to take part. This is a good time to reevaluate where you are in your spiritual walk. Maybe you need to make a recommitment to the Lord, and taking part in Communion may become this affirmation. Simply listen to the instructions given and, you are welcome to participate.


We are a part of the global Church of the Nazarene. To learn more about our shared beliefs & values, click here.