Is organic evolution, as taught by Charles Darwin, an established scientific fact or is it what some scientists theorize could have happened?

Definition of terms. A common definition for theory is "A proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact" (Random House College Dictionary, pg. 1362). Fact is defined as: "Something known to exist or to have happened,...that which is known to have been true" (Ibid. pg. 473).

Darwinian evolution is theory (hypothesis) as opposed to fact. No one has ever established Darwinism as a fact. The conjecture that man had his beginning with a one-celled life form (generally held view) and evolved into man is not a scientific fact, as we commonly use the word fact. Notwithstanding, the average student in public schools (also TV, radio, books, etc.) is inundated with the presentation of organic evolution as a fact. Such a factual presentation is not only incorrect, it is against true science (see I Tim. 6:20, KJV). As a matter of fact, organic evolution is also opposed to one of the tried premises of science: the law of biogenesis which states that life begets life. Life coming from non-life is not scientific!

Our young people need substance, real answers, and true guidance, not "you evolved from a dumb ape" philosophy. Needless to say, the morals of this country are rapidly deteriorating. Man, according to the Bible, is superior to mere animals. He, unlike the ape, was created in the image and glory of God (Gen. 1, 2; I Cor. 11: 7). As such, man has moral responsibility and accountability (Eccl. 12: 13, 14). All should demand, in the interest of truth, that when organic evolution is taught, it is honestly presented as a theory some people hold, not as an actual fact!