I have heard you speak of the 7 "I AM's" in the Old Testament and the 7 in John's Gospel. What are they?

Answer: Old Testament:

1, Genesis 22:13 & 14 Jehovah Jireh I AM your Provider.

2. Exodus 15:26 Jehovah Rapha I AM your Healing.

3. Exodus 17:8 15 Jehovah Nissi I AM your Banner.

4. Judges 6:24 Jehovah Shalom I AM your Peace.

5. Psalms 23:1 Jehovah Ra-ah I AM your Shepherd.

6. Jeremiah 23:6 Jehovah Tsidkenu I AM your Righteousness.

7. Ezekiel 48:35 Jehovah Shammah I AM Present (with you).


New Testament: Before John 8:48-58 - Before Abraham was I AM

1. John 6:48 I AM the Bread of Life.

2. John 8:12 I AM the Light of the World.

3. John 9:5 I AM the Light of the World.

4. John10:11 I AM the Good Shepherd.

5. John 11:25 I AM the Resurrection and the Life.

6. John 14:6 I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

7. John 15:5 I AM the Vine.

8th - New Beginning Revelation 22:16 I AM the Bright and Morning Star.

When does the morning star appear? At the end of night and the beginning of a new day!