Centennial Wedding Policies & Guidelines

 Following these rules will enable Centennial to continue to open our church to people like you to make your special day SPECIAL!

  • The church facilities will only be available when it doesn't conflict with any established or special service or meeting of the Centennial congregation.
  • There will be no alcoholic beverages served on the church grounds.
  • There will be no smoking on the church grounds.
  • No rice or birdseed is to be thrown anywhere on the church grounds.
  • No red-based drinks shall be served.
  • Those using the church facilities must take responsibility for those facilities being left neat and clean, in an orderly condition excess dirt or mud should be cleaned, extra chairs and tables put away, cartons, wrappings, containers, plastic covers should be removed, etc.
  • Use of the sanctuary includes two dressing rooms and two bathrooms for up to five hours including rehearsals.
  • Use of the chapel includes two dressing rooms and two bathrooms for the wedding party only for up to five hours including rehearsals.
  • Use of the reception area includes tables and chairs for approximately 70 people and two bathrooms.
  • When using the church facilities more than five hours a fee of $20 per hour will be charged for the time beyond five hours.   Time will accumulate whenever the facility is unlocked for you.
  • A $250 deposit towards all of the fees will be due when all agree on the wedding date and it is reserved.
  • A $150 damage deposit will be due at the same time; the church representative will determine after all events have concluded how much, if any, of the damage deposit shall be returned.
  • Weddings canceled six or more weeks prior to the date scheduled will be eligible for a refund of deposits. 

Outdoor Chapel
Reception Area
Fee beyond 5 hours

Church Organist
Pastor's Fee

$ 20 per hour

$125 - $400


Guidelines for care of the Facilities

 These will be used to determine the final settlement of the damage deposit.

  What to bring

  • Empty trash bags

  What to do

  • All areas of the church must be picked up and left in the condition they were found. Including dressing areas and rest rooms.

  • Pick up flower petals from the floor and wedding folders from pews.

  • If chairs are moved, they are to be returned.
  • See that hymnals and bibles are where they were.
  • Nursery or contents are not to be used without prior arrangements.

  What to take with you