DeEtta Little-West





“Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”                              Principle                                          Universal Pictures
Rocky I                                                                                Vocal-Soundtrack                           United Artist
Rocky II                                                                               Vocal-Soundtrack                           United Artists
 “The Preacher’s Kid”                                                      Principle                                          Warner Bros.
“Trinity Goodheart”                                                       Principle                                           UP TV World Premiere Movie
“A Cross To Bear”                                                            Principle                                           UP TV World Premiere Movie
“If You Really Love Me”                                                 Principle                                           UP TV –World Premiere Stage Play
“Raising Izzie”                                                                  Principle                                           UP TV - World Premiere Movie
Community Service”                                                    Principle                                           UP TV-World Premiere Stage Play
“For Richer Or Poorer”                                                  Principle                                           UP TV-World Premiere  Stage  Play
“Between Sisters”                                                           Principle                                           UP TV-World Premiere  Stage Play
 “7th Heaven”                                                                     Principle                                           The WB/Spelling Entertainment
The Rickey Smiley Show                                               Principle                                           TVOne- BobbCat Films
The Dempsey Sisters                                                      Principle                                           UP TV World Premiere Movie
Marry Me For Christmas”                                            Principle                                           UP TV Premiere Movie
“Marry Us For Christmas”                                             Principle                                           UP TV Premiere Movie
“Productive Lie”                                                               Principle                                           Indie Film (On The Grind Production)
“Tea With DeEtta” (Talk Show)                                       Host                                                   Los Angeles Public Access Television
“Married With Children”                                              Voice-over                                         Fox TV-Comedy
“With This Ring”                                                              Vocal-Theme Song                          Series Pilot                                             
American Cancer Society                                             On-Camera                                       Birthday Campaign
“My Other Mother”                                                        Principle                                            UP TV Original Movie
“Lyfe’s Journey”                                                               Principle                                            UP TV  Original  Movie
“Meet The Browns” (The Series)                                Principle                                             Tyler Perry Productions
“A Baby For Christmas”                                                Principle                                            UP TV Premiere Movie
“Merry Christmas, Baby”                                             Principle                                            Up TV Premiere Movie
 “The Last Time”                                                              Principle                                            Independent Film/Fifteen Studios
Saints & Sinners                                                              Principle                                           Bounce Tv/Swirl Films
Blue Cross/Blue Shield                                                 On-Camera                                       Regional Commercial
Kids WB                                                                              Vocal-Promo                                    The WB TV Network
KC Masterspiece BBQ Sauce                                       Voice-over                                       National Commercial
Ritz Crackers                                                                    Voice-over                                       National Commercial
Time Warner Cable                                                        On-Camera                                      Regional Commercial
Black Radiance Cosmetics                                          On-Camera                                      Regional Commercial
Anheuser Busch                                                              Voice-over                                        National Commercial
AARP                                                                                   On-Camera                                       Industrial
Kimberly-Clark                                                                Print-Ad                                            National Distribution
American Cancer Society                                             Print-Ad                                            National Distribution
American Heart Association                                      Print                                                   Brochure/Catalog
Nordstroms                                                                     Voice-over                                          Local Radio spot-Los Angeles
Shampoo (Beauty Salon)                                                 Voice-over                                         Local Radio spot-Los Angeles
Publix Supermarkets                                                    Voice-over                                         Regional(Sunday Dinner Memories)
Publix Supermarkets                                                   Singer                                                 National  (Gospel Choir Showcase promo)
Publix  Supermarkets                                                  Voice-over                                          Regional(Family Tree)
Publix  Supermarkets                                                  Voice-over                                          Regional(Decadent Desserts)
Precious Lord”                                                               Nettie Dorsey                                    Ebony Showcase-Los Angeles
(Story of Thomas A. Dorsey)
“A Taste of Life”                                                               Lead Narrator                                  Wilshire Ebell-Los Angeles
“Busline 210”                                                                   Lead                                                  Wilshire Ebell-Los Angeles
“No More Drama…Please”                                         Narrator                                             Wilshire Ebell-Los Angeles
“The Corinthian Scandal”                                           Narrator                                             Wilshire Ebell-Los Angeles
“Angels In Training”                                                    Angel of Love                                     Atlanta, Georgia
Dash Of Romance                                                         Celebrity Guest                                 Joshua Dream Films
Glenn Rainey                                                                  Musical Theatre                                 Alliance Theater (Atlanta)
Vocal Training                                                                Music Major                                       San Diego State University
Cathy Kalmenson                                                         Voice Over Training                           Kalmenson & Kalmenson (Los Angeles)
GregAlan Williams                                                        Film & Television                               Actor’s Breakthrough (Atlanta)
Lisina Stoneburner                                                      Series Prep                                         The Company Acting  Studio
Cheryl Harris                                                                   Audition Technique                          Studio 27 Model & Talent