This is with my big sister one time she served as my mother...I have much love and respect for this woman.
A friendly fight....who's hitting who?
My freshmen days at the University of Redlands in Redlands, California. Octah Mole
A moment after a performance of our oldest daughter(Nicol)
She first took my heart away>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Now she controls my life???????


She's grown, very mature, and still ask for money
Showing love for a friend named Nori
In the younger days of an awesome family


Three of the original Omigos(Brother and Sisters)
Someone(s) special to me and very special to each other
The Mother and God Mother to my Children

The woman(my mother) who gave me life and spirit)
Price Mack West Sr. and Margaret Vivian Ball West sharing a special moment with their baby boy
My new father, Malchi Jake Little, what a great man
All of my children(maybe a name for a new TV program
Ms. Florence Williams, the mother of my father
This awesome woman endured the times. She's the mother of my mother's father(Dr. James Ball)

Carlo(my Godfather)
Sophia is the new chief on the block(Italy)
The family(Carlo, D'anna, and Sohpia) who's a blessing to all of us

Celebrating a major milestone in the life of our family. Momma D is sixty and very savvy.
Celebrating 60 years for D and 30 years for US. PTL

Memorable Moments




The West Family is celebrating a moment in the life of a very powerful clan. One who have been through the storm and the rain. This was circa 1980 at the passing of our great and unique ‘FATHER’ Price Mack West. We celebrated his life, we morn his death, and we were resurrected to new heights. We are a blessed and unique group of individual. This is 2014 and we’re still going strong and are still very unique. We continue to celebrate the life that the Lord has blessed us with  and what we have so freely given to each other.
In the pictures above(on the left is Bernice, James, Carol Ann, Price, Delores,and Margaret. On the right we’re surrounding the Matriarch of the Family, Margaret Vivian Ball West. It is through her that God has so uniquely blessed us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are so gratefully appreciative of the family and the Matriarch. We will always be ever so grateful and appreciative of each other. We’re older and wiser(no family picture of all six of us to prove it so you’ll just have to believe me) and still moving on. We’re not as fast as we use to be  but just remember the Turtle crossed the finish line before the Rabbit did in the race.
I’m thankful for Bernice(Minnis) my sister(Retired School Teacher) for being the Archiver and Preserver of such pictorial wealth.