T h e    A r m o r    B e a r e r

A Ministry of

West Ministries International

(James West Ministries, Inc.)



This ministry is an active service ministry in the local body of Christ.  Of its many by products, it has produced a book simply named, The Armor Bearer.  It is a multi-fold publication.  In its present form it can service your needs in several ways: 1) as a good source of biblical reference for matters concerning serving in the body of Christ, 2) it contains a wealth of information for thematic preaching and prophesy, 3) it undoubtedly contains bible study information, and 4) it is a key source for this ministry to teach and train men and women in the art, science, and the craft of serving & protecting those whom the Lord places over the lives of people (Bishops, Pastors, etc.,). We offer services at the level of Executive Protection.  The team members are taught to be sensitive to your personal and professional needs.

We have trained men and women who are capable of traveling nationally and internationally to service your needs in ministry. 


Our training of your Armor Bearer/Servant(s) assures you that you dont have to wait on tables. We train your Armor Bearer(s) to be ready to deal with any and all things that will have a negative affect your ministry. We train men and women how to perform security services in the local church as well as at the District, State, and National level of ministry.

Our team members are presently and or formerly members of the military.  They are also active and inactive members of local, state, and national law enforcement agencies.  Our team members are presently active in a local body of Christ and/or are involved in national ministries.  They are versed in biblical knowledge and are professionally trained to be sensitive toward your needs as you are served and protected.

This ministry is available to come to your location to do seminars and services at a level conducive to the teaching and learning needs o  your congregation.

The cost of the professional services offered through this ministry is negotiable and very reasonable.Come and let us reason together on matters important to your ministry.  Let us explore the possibilities of doing service ministry together.


 Our ministry motto is Teaching Leaders How To Serve & Teaching Servants How To Lead