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They say we copied pasted and traced

E.W. Bullinger and C.R. Stam

as though they were the founders of right division

as though they started dispensationlism

another assult to claim this is fraud,

attack after attack against the word of God.

Time past, but now, the ages to come,

That 's dispensational huh!

By faith or through faith pick which one is for today huh!

KJV M.C. hold it down most definetley,

The faith of his love descended on the cross arms extended,

the sting of the law he apprehended,

death jam is over seen by the great I AM.

The transitional period is over,

repent for the kingdom is at hand? Not any longer!

That was to Isreael anyway, I must warn ya an ambassador of Christ is now among ya!

Appetite to serve with a monsters hunger,

we know Christ no more after to flesh

was that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and early Acts? Yes!

Romans through Philemon!

Romans through Philemon!

Romans through Philemon!

I'm not tripping, I'm not flipping, I'm not slipping,

this is what you call representing.

All scripture is given by the inspiration of God

But all scripture is not given directly to us yall,

Gentiles, heathens, not understanding Paul what's the reason.

Ignorance rains all four seasons, babes in milk they needing,

Pastors, teachers everybody teething,

Pastors, teachers everybody teething.

We know Christ no more after the flesh,

we know Christ no more after the flesh,

we know Christ no more after the flesh,

henceforth we know him no more.


Your excited servant in the Lord Jesus Christ brother Rondell Hamilton



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