Leckrone Ministries, Inc
Leckrone Ministries, Inc

April 17, 2010

Dear Friends, Family, Ministry Partners, & Share Plan Supporters,

Greetings again from the "road of revival-land.Spring is rolling along and revivals are speeding by.  We marvel at God's hand working in people's lives.  There's no doubt in our minds that we are living in troubled times in and out of the church.  We also remain confident that God is big enough for any problem that can be faced.  His Word remains the constant in a world of variables.  We enjoy the work and the people we work with, so take a peek at some views into our lives.  As you do, breathe a prayer for each church and each family.



The Mackey, Indiana Church of the Nazarene is a beautiful facility with a wonderful group of people.  We had a great week of renewal and victory along with their new pastor, Rev. Chip Bullock and his wife, Nicole.  Vision is high and expectancy is great as they face the future, trying to build the Kingdom and win souls.



The Saturday activities at Mackey, Indiana included an egg hunt and live bunnies.  Larry & Tam visited the Day Care on Monday before pulling out and the kids learned some new rhymes and motions.  We firmly believe that God meets kids of all ages at their own level of need.



A quick trip to Bourbonnais, Illinois gave time for Larry and his Mom to watch the birds in the lobby of the nursing care center where she resides.



Our friends, John and Cheryl Sherwood, from Pekin, Illinois First Church of the Nazarene, were involved in a Passion Play during Holy Week.  We decided to go that way en-route to Smithfield, Illinois to enjoy the production put on by a cast of over 100.  Rev. Lloyd and Kim Brock pastor there and have been long time friends, so it was fun to surprise them and enjoy their fellowship also.  Kim wrote the script utilizing music from others to weave the scriptural message of Mary Magdalene's perspective into a powerful musical-drama presentation.  Many hearts were touched and conversions were realized.  Thanks Pekin First Church for ministering to us.



We had a great Holy Week Revival at Smithfield, Illinois with Pastor Layton Malone and his wife, Dee.  We have enjoyed this congregation 6 times across the years in a variety of seasons.  They are in a beautiful new sanctuary since we were last there.  How exciting to see the fulfillment of this  new milestone.  We feel honored that they continue to pray for us and invite us back.  We never want to take our schedule for granted.  Thanks Smithfield Nazarene for supporting us.



Special friends, Rev. Larry and Jane Wright, are retired now and live in Smithfield.  We have had many revivals together in various churches where they ministered in Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota.  We took a ride on his Honda Gold Wing which now has four tires.  Bad knees or joints can maneuver and handle this machine easily.  Jane was a little jealous, but relinquished her seat to Larry that day.  The picture at right is with Rosie Green, long time organist and part of the song evangelist team of Jim and Rosemary Green.  Bro. Jim went to be with Jesus back in December and is greatly missed by all of us.  We were thrilled that Rosie made it down to Smithfield for a service.



Larry became an assistant to Richard Landry for one of his illusions provided for the children's rally on Saturday at Smithfield, Illinois.  A good time was had by all... of all ages.



The morning fog was heavy as the sun came up in Illinois when we left Smithfield.  We headed east to Carmel, Indiana where we helped sister-in-law, Linda Leckrone, pack for her move to Midland, Michigan.  Her husband, (my brother) passed away back in summer of 2008.  We've always had a tradition to wear hats as we helped pack and move.  Linda's oldest son Jeff finished out the foursome.



Tam's grandpa Sidle made it out to Kurtz for a family gathering and Missionary Rally at the Kurtz, Indiana Church of the Nazarene.  The Freetown Church of the Nazarene also sponsored the event.  Revs. Gary and Penney Sidle are his nephew/niece and are the missionaries in Zambia where we ministered back in 2006 and 2008.  They visited our home base (bus barn) along with their children (Lindsay, Alyssa, and Josiah) and parents (Kenny and Evelyn Sidle). 



A quick wash job by Larry and some equipment tweeking by Dad Hanner filled the last hour before leaving home.  It was a quick stop over, but very good to be in for a little while.



Charleston, West Virginia Calvary Church of the Nazarene was our next revival location.  If you have ever traveled much in West Virginia, you know that hills and hollers don't leave much room on the roads when passing an oncoming vehicle.  We were amazed that this half of a house showed up in the parking lot one morning.  They maneuvered it up the narrow, winding road and placed it on a prepared site.  The other half followed the next day.  You really have to see it to believe where they put it.  It gave new meaning to the term, bring the house down.



We enjoyed speaking to a group at the senior luncheon on Tuesday.  The freedom and anointing was evident in each of the services.  Rev. Edison Hager and his wife, Carol, posed on the couch with their daughter, Callie, and their son, Samuel.  Peanut is the youngest member of the family.  These dear people have become very special to us.  We first met Edison and Carol when they were attending Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado back in 1996.



Larry got out on the golf course one beautiful morning with Dan Burdette and Pastor Edison Hager.  The trees were in full bloom.  The bees were buzzing, but the birdies were not near as evident as they needed to be.  Meanwhile, Tam, along with Sandy Burdette and Carol Hager, enjoyed a Tea Room in South Charleston.  What could be fairer than that?



If Tam can go to a special Tea Room, then I thought we should go to a special Tea Party.  April 15th in the capitol city of Charleston, West Virginia meant there was a Tea Party on the capitol building steps.  We felt that we should go and take a stand that we are troubled with the current direction of our country and want to send a message to government leadership.  About 1000 people gathered in a peaceful and patriotic display of concern.  Lets pray for our leaders.  Lets get involved to let our leaders know personally how we stand on the issues like abortion and insurmountable debt.



I can't resist the desire to give you two more beautiful scenes of a spring evening in downtown Charleston, West Virginia.  On a personal note, I knew a man, Jerry ONeal, (formerly from Michigan and now deceased) who used to work as a steeple chaser.  He and his family were contracted to paint this dome many years ago.



Rev. Randy and Vivian Lanham have been friends for many years. (far right)  Their daughters, Kristin, married to Jimmy (center) and Kimberly, engaged to Rich, (left) have shared many special memories with us across the years.  Their son, Kyle, married to Stephanie, is a Youth Pastor in Xenia, Ohio and weren't present for our little gathering at a local Mexican restaurant, but they were missed.  Randy pastors the First Church of the Nazarene in Charleston.  We are blessed by their friendship and prayer support. 


Thanks again for your prayers for us!  If there is any way that we can pray for you or your family, please let us know.   Come, call, email, text, or visit our website at www.leckroneministries.org if you get a chance.  I've recently added some new pics of our grandson, Max for those that are interested.


Bye for now, till next time.


Blessings to you and yours!


Larry & Tam


April 17-21                             Hurricane, West Virginia

April 24-28                             Mt. Sterling, Ohio

May 1-5                                  Paris, Kentucky

May 8-12                                Lima, Ohio