Leckrone Ministries, Inc
Leckrone Ministries, Inc

March 26, 2010

Dear Friends, Family, Ministry Partners, & Share Plan Supporters,

Greetings again from the road of "revival-land." It seems that a lot of things have happened since our last eNews Update. We've seen some wonderful answers to prayer, and churches have experienced some record crowds. Don't let anyone convince you that revivals are a thing of the past. Personal renewal comes in direct response to prayer and our obedience to God's urgings. We pray for you as we send this out and often in between. Here are some recent views of our activities.

No, this is not our bus! The wheels were still turning on this truck when we stopped along I-65 north of Montgomery to see if we could give assistance. After calling 911, I had prayer with the driver just as the police arrived. The driver had a broken nose and was shaken up but not critical. As we drove on we praised the Lord for so many thousands of miles that we have been protected as we travel. Thanks for praying for our safety.

One of the more glamorous duties of the driver is also to empty the waste tank. We stayed at the Alabama District Camp for a couple days on our way to Helena, Alabama. They have a beautiful campground located just off I-65, just south of Birmingham. As you can see from the distance between our tire and the plumbing, we had to negotiate the turn carefully. However, we exited without breaking or scratching anything so all turned out well.

We prayed for a real "gully washer" revival to come to the Helena Church of the Nazarene. As you can see, it came after 5 inches of rain fell in a few hours. Be careful what you pray for, or be more specific about the rain of the Spirit.

Pastor David Shirer has a fine congregation in Helena, Alabama. We have known the Shirers from Pennsylvania, but never ministered with them before. We witnessed answers to prayer and involvement by all ages during a great week of revival and blessing. To God be the glory! Associate pastor, Jeremiah Alcorn and his wife, Alli have four wonderful children who didn't like Larry very much. Can you tell?

Rev. Daryl Blank pastors the Goodlettsville, Tennessee Church of the Nazarene. We enjoyed fellowship with him, his wife, Tracy, and son, Aaron, as they hosted us to Sunday dinner at Demo's in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

If you have ever seen the popular program called "Overhaulin," you'll understand when I say, "Our name is Leckrone Ministries and we were overhauled!" Pastor Daryl Blank put a "bug" in the ear of Ed Phillips, a great layman in the church, to check the condition of our tow equipment. So Ed stole our tired tow-dolly and put new tires, lights, and wiring on it. Now we have blinkers, brake lights and everything. What a neat serendipity through the generous spirit of GoodNaz to bless us while we were there.

Extra blessing was ours as we enjoyed some family time with Tam's Uncle Everett and Aunt Esther Hanner, along with their children and grandchildren, while we were at the Goodlettsville Church of the Nazarene. This was our farewell breakfast at Cracker Barrel before leaving town.

Before our next revival event, we spent a few days in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee due to an offer of some friends who own an RV lot there and made it available for our use at no cost. We are blessed by the kindness and generosity of people who believe in us. Thank you so much! On the left you'll notice that we are standing by Jesus and Satan in the same picture after we enjoyed the musical production of "The Miracle." On the right are The Blackwood Singers as they sang a breakfast program of variety and humor. Their long-standing place in the gospel music world is interesting and inspirational.

I couldn't resist showing you a picture of a coffee mug I found, although I resisted buying it. Tam says if I had that mug I would only need one cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe I should consider it further.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park provides many beautiful views of Gods handiwork. We enjoyed it all.

We were glad to be in our little Honda CRX when we saw this sign. The bus weighs 56,000 pounds so we might have had a problem crossing the river here. Laurel Falls can only be viewed about 1.3 miles up in the wilderness from the road. We thought that would be a nice walk in spite of the fact we really had not worn our hiking gear. What the sign didn't tell us was that the incline was about 15 percent. However, it was worth the effort. We asked a friendly bear to take our picture. He was too shy to let us take his. right!!

One of these two buildings is the Church of the Nazarene in Rome, Georgia. The other one is on the campus of Berry College, which is the largest college land mass in the world. Can you guess which is which?

Laura Banks now resides in Rome, Georgia and we were thrilled to see her and enjoy Sunday dinner together. If you remember, we showed a picture of her sister, Lyndsey, in the last news update. How ironic that we would see both of these young ladies a few weeks apart in different locations where we were scheduled. Laura is now a licensed P.A. (physicians assistant) with an orthopedic surgeon in the area. She assists in surgeries and clinic practice just as the doctor. Congrats Laura on your new position and if we ever need a knee job, we'll come to see you.

We first met Rev. Gary Huff and his wife, Kristi when they lived in Sharpsburg, Georgia and were instrumental in starting the Church of the Nazarene there as laymen. Their children, Brianna, Sydney, Morgan, and Levi, were much smaller or non-existent then. Gary was later called to preach and now pastors the Rome, Georgia Church of the Nazarene. They are doing a great job and God is blessing their congregation. New vision and faith are leading them to reach many for Christ and eventually a total relocation of the work. Please pray for this church and family as they come to mind. Brianna (center) gave me my own pair of cool glasses like the other teens wore, and Morgan (right) thought we would look very studious together. I think she's right. I may wear them all the time. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks Brianna!

Thanks again for your prayers! If there is any way that we can pray for you or your family, let us know. We'll also pass the request to our prayer teams. There is tremendous power in prayer for others. Come, call, email, text, or visit our website if you get a chance. www.leckroneministries.org

Bye for now.

Blessings to you and yours!

Larry & Tam

March 23-28 Mackey, Indiana

March 31-April 4 Smithfield, Illinois

April 10-14 Charleston, West Virginia

April 17-21 Hurricane, West Virginia