Leckrone Ministries, Inc
Leckrone Ministries, Inc

February 12, 2010


Dear Friends, Family, Ministry Partners, & Share Plan Supporters,


Greetings again from the road of revival-land.  We've been in wonderful meetings in recent days and witnessed some great victories.  I'm not going to mention the below normal temperatures because I know that many of you have experienced "white precipitation" in great quantity.  Hold on to your gloves and scarves because spring is not here yet, however, it is coming.  We hope these brief glimpses help you to feel more familiar with our schedule.  Thanks for your prayers.



Rev. Allen & Evelyn Cobb were role models in ministry for Larry while growing up on the Michigan district.  Rev. Cobb was often a counselor at youth camp.  He always had revivals in churches where he was pastor.  Larry considers Jackson, Michigan First Church of the Nazarene as his first revival after entering the field of evangelism full-time.  We enjoyed lunch with them at Lakeland, Florida.



The Avon Park Holiness Camp Grounds is a wonderful Christian community in Avon Park, Florida.  We had the privilege to minister there on January 22.  Dr. Eldred Kelly is the president and doing a wonderful job keeping the message of holiness the highest priority.  We also ministered at Avon Park Church of the Nazarene on Sunday, January 24 with Pastor Randy Rupert and the church family.  We regret that we failed to get pictures for you.


Avon Park Holiness Camp Meeting worship center is much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside, seating near 700.



Peggy and Howard Carrell, laymen from Danville, Illinois and Rev. Tim and Marcia Taylor, pastor and wife from Lake Placid, Florida always provide wonderful memories and new blessings when we can get together.



Tam and I visited a service at the Peace Valley Camp Meeting on one of our nights off between engagements.  Rev. George Holley and his wife, Patti were preaching and conducting Bible Study.  Ken Osborne and his wife, Ann were providing the music.  We enjoyed fellowship after service at a "swanky" McDonald's restaurant along with a dear couple from the camp.



Gordon and Thorne Koteskey now live near Clearwater, Florida after many years in Horton Bay and Boyne City, Michigan.  Gordon is a cousin to Larry's mother, Mabel Leckrone.  We always enjoy visiting them when we get within a reasonable distance.  Their faithful service and devotion to God have proved that "Jesus Never Fails."



"Eddie the Egret" was sitting just outside the door of the Koteskeys when we got ready to leave.  If you notice, he proves that he does have a leg to stand on.  The other one was tucked up under the feathers to prevent sunburn.  Ha.



Larry preaches for the Florida Holiness Association morning chapel service in Lakeland, Florida. 



Rev. Glen Allison is the president of the Florida Holiness Association in Lakeland, Florida.  His magnanimous spirit and humble service is a great testimony to Gods work of holiness in the human heart.



Pastor Tim and Lu DeMoranville were so hospitable to us while at the Harbor City Church of the Nazarene in Melbourne, Florida.   The meetings went so well that we extended the services for 4 extra days.  Many victories were realized that would not have come to pass, had we closed as originally planned.  Confirmation superseded weariness at the close of the last service.  God is moving among these people and the future looks bright as new determination resists the enemy.



On Saturday night of Super Bowl weekend, we hosted the first annual "Soup or Bowl" competition at the Harbor City church before the evening service.  Favorite soups, chili and stew were brought, tasted, and judged.  Prizes were awarded to the top three vote-getters.   No one went away hungry physically or spiritually.



Larry tries out his bowling form on the "Wii" while visiting our close friends, Tom and Sandi Fentress in The Villages, Florida.  The fitness platform turned out to be a torture platform as old records were broken and new records were repeatedly set.  Recreation clears the mind from clutter that clogs creative thinking.  OK.  Lets get more recreation.  All in favor, say, Yes!



Thanks again for your prayers!  If there is any way that we can pray for you or your family, let us know.  We'll also pass the request to our prayer teams.  There is tremendous power in prayer for others.  We are still reworking our website, so check it out if you haven't been there for a while.  www.leckroneministries.org   We always welcome the opportunity to see you if we get the chance.  Bye for now.


Blessings to you and yours!


Larry & Tam


February 12-14          Summerfield, FL (personal work and ministry)

February 15-17          Sanford, FL (coach repair)         

February 19-21          Jacksonville, FL

February 24-28          Ft. Walton Beach, FL (First Ch. of the Nazarene)