Leckrone Ministries, Inc
Leckrone Ministries, Inc

January 22, 2010


Dear Friends, Family, Ministry Partners, & Share Plan Supporters,


Happy New Year!  Greetings again from the road of revival-land.  Here's a few peeks at early 2010 as we are back in the thick of the battle.  Knowing that you'd want to see a new picture of Max, I'll share him first.  (Who says this grandparent status tempers us?)


 It looks to me like he's dreaming of some Grampy time.


While in revival at Englewood, Florida Tam was able to have some family time with her cousin, Rachel.  We had Rachel & her husband, Troy over to the coach for breakfast.  Nazarene Pastor D. Paul Ray and his wife, Beverly, are so wonderful.  We regret that we did not get a picture of them.  We had a wonderful series of meetings and many received help.


We stopped over in Palmetto, Florida to see our wonderful friends, Thurl and Mary Kay Mann on our way to Brooksville, Florida.


We shared ministry responsibilities with Dr. Marlin Hotle (next to Larry) and Dr. Tom Hermiz.  Dr. Hotle is the Tennessee District Superintendent for the Wesleyan Church and Dr. Hermiz is the General Superintendent for the Churches of Christ and Christian Union.  We had a wonderful camp meeting at the Brooksville Wesleyan Village.  The spirit of unity and renewal was evident.


We were blessed to enjoy tea with the Wissbroeckers.  Ed and Wilma served in Zambia for many years as missionaries.  They are now retired from foreign service, but are still active servants and prayer warriors.  We exchanged stories and witnessed some amazing big game trophies from Eds hunting days.  These are very dear people who we consider brother and sister in the Lord.


Another great privilege was to see Betty Pickering, whom we haven't seen in many years.  She and her husband, Leo were great friends of Larry's parents back in Midland, Michigan.  Leo was saved as a result of prayers and persistence by Larry's dad, Elvin, and his Sunday School class.   Leo later pastored and served as an evangelist before he passed away.


The orchestra played pre-service music each evening at Brooksville.  Not only were there a number of guitars and basses, the woodwinds and brass sounded great too.  There was some fine puckerin', pickin' and grinnin' going on.


The people kept flooding in and the sanctuary was full every night.  I snuck this shot over Tam's shoulder just prior to service.


We also worked with a great choir.  Their participation was spirited and anointed.  God used them as they sang. 


Dean Greeno and Larry played their trumpets together, but Dean also represents another interesting part of Tam's heritage.  Her Grandpa Sidle was led to the Lord by Dean's uncle, Ken Greeno many years ago out in California while he was in the service.  If his life had not changed, a whole different course would have evolved.  The power of influence can change the lives of many.


Our next ministry was in Okeechobee, Florida.  Pastor Lois and Paul Moranville are in the front with her parents, Charles and Edna Williamson behind her.  They pastor in Indiana, Pennsylvania and we had the opportunity to minister with them last fall.  What a nice reunion!


Looking out the window of the coach, I noticed some wild boar had roamed up into the back property of the church in Okeechobee.  I longed for some good binoculars to take a closer look but I was not tempted to get any closer.  They looked hungry and I've heard they can be aggressive.  Can't we all when we're hungry?  Ha.



Thanks again for your prayers!  If there is any way that we can pray for you or your family, let us know.  Well also pass the request to our prayer teams.  There is tremendous power in prayer for others.  We are reworking our website, but the construction is going slowly.  Please check it out at www.leckroneministries.org for information and location of our upcoming revival events.  We always love to see you if the opportunity arises.  Bye for now.


Blessings to you and yours!


Larry & Tam


January 22                   Avon Park, Florida Camp Rally Evening

January 23-26             Ventura, California (cancelled)  now open

January 30-Feb. 3       Melbourne, Florida

February 5-7               Impact Weekend, The Villages, FL