FROM 2008

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New Year's Eve
Fellowship and Watch Night Service

Samaritan's Child Project
Packing boxes, Fellowship time
Presentation and Prayer
November 22, 23

Friend Day
October 19

Church Picnic
October 4

Roofing the North Side
October 2-3
See photos of the south side
& porch (done in October 2007)

Sunday School Seminar
September 22

September Zone Rally
at Rockwood, September 19

Welcome, Amanda Mincer!
Baby Shower
September 6

Youth/Family Night
August 8
After Gobbler's Knob

The Chapel Quartet
from HSBC
July 30

Recent Youth Projects

May-June Events

Women's Fellowship Tea

Spring Revival

Easter Morning Service

Ladies Meetings

Youth Night
March 20

Family/Fun Night

January 20

Youth Group January 4

Early Woodland Church