Organization Minutes

The Minutes of the Organization of the Grace Missionary Baptist Mission into The Lord's Baptist Church

On January 26, 1980 in Tacoma, Washington, Grace Missionary Baptist Mission, under the authority of Southpark Missionary Baptist Church of Seattle, Washington, held a meeting for the purpose of organizing a New Testament Church. The meeting began with the missionary, Eld. Larry Killion, leading in the singing and reading several Scriptures about the Lords Church.

Eld. Killion then invited ordained representatives from several sister Churches to sit on council for the organization. The formed Council representatives were: Eld. Hubert Tyler, Eld. Delbert Brown, Eld. Glenn Tweet, Eld. Larry Killion, Eld. Richard Crowley, Eld. Art Gould, and Eld. Dale Meyers.

Convening council selected Bro. Tyler as moderator, Bro. Myers as clerk, Bro. Brown to offer organization prayer. Bro. Gould was chosen to read the names of the Charter members of the new Church. Bro. Crowley was selected to read the Articles of Faith to be adopted. Bro. Tweet received commission to deliver the Charge to the Church and her Pastor.

Agreement was made to allow time for formal vote of Grace Missionary Baptist Mission to disband in favor of The Lord's Baptist Church, receiving their letters from Southpark Missionary Baptist Church to be placed in charter membership in The Lord's Baptist Church. Also calling a pastor.

Agreement to recognize formally The Lord's Baptist Church.

Agreement to disband council before charge is given.

Council then returned to the auditorium.

Bro. Tyler advised congregation of Council proceedings and offered prayer.

Bro. Gould read letters out of Southpark Missionary Baptist Church commending fifteen members to the organization of The Lord's Baptist Church as charter members: Mae Pasanen, John Wilson, Leona Killion, Arthur Van Brocklin, Larry Killion, Marion Killion, Wally Niesen, Dea Anna Niesen, Niki Niesen, Chuck Niesen, Clarence Book, Heidi Book, Philip Book, Larry Keller, and Kim Keller. Bro. Niesen led in prayer.

Bro. Crowley read constitution, covenant, and Articles of Faith.

Council voted to recommend proceeding with organization. Unanimous for.

Bro. Brown offered prayer for Organization. Mission called to order for Business.

Mission members voted to accept Constitution, Covenant, and Articles of Faith as read. Unanimous for. Vote to organize was also unanimous for. Vote to call Bro. Killion as pastor. Unanimous for. Accepted by Bro. Killion.

Vote for Bro. Book as Church clerk. Unanimous for. Business meeting adjourned. Unanimous for.

Council voted to recognize The Lord's Baptist Church as a New Testament Baptist Church of Like Faith and Order. Unanimous for.

Council voted to disband. Unanimous for.Bro. Tweet brought the Charge to the Church and Pastor. Meeting closed with Hymn "Grace Greater Than All Our Sin" and Church giving an open invitation.

Dale Myers