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Hebrews 11:4.....he being dead yet speaketh.

Dempsey Henderson (In glory) He Hath Done Great Things   (Actually more than one sermon. Second message starts at about 1 hour 1 minute "Building an alter unto the Lord")  Hint:  Be patient.  May take a while to load and there are blank spots in between the preaching (Like between 27 - 35 minutes and 1:29 - 1:37). 

B. B. Caldwell (In Glory)               Be Filled With The Spirit

Eugene Clark (In Glory)                 My Church

Rolfe Barnard  (In Glory)              Gods Bloodhound

Oscar Mink   (In Glory)                 The Voice  of the Turtledove

John Lenegar  (In Glory)                Come Unto Me 

Walter Herrin  (In Glory)               The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

Milburn Cockrell  (In Glory)           The Baptism of John

Martyn Lloyd Jones  (In Glory)       What is Preaching?

R. G. Lee  (In Glory)                       Payday Someday

Merrell Kaley  (In Glory)                   The Law

Harold Harvey (In Glory)                 The Judgment Seat of Christ

Buell Kazee  (In Glory)                    The Church and the World

Noel Brown  (In Glory)                    Proper Evangelism



Baptist Distinctives

The following is a series of sermons delivered in our Lord's Day Evening Services by Pastor Larry Killion back in 1988 on the subject of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We still believe and stand for these precious truths today.

The Nature of the Church     Larry Killion  8/14/88

Qualifications for Church Membership     Larry Killion  8/21/88

How to Organize a New Testament Church     Larry Killion  9/18/88

Church Addition and Subtraction     Larry Killion  9/25/88

The Officers of the Church     Larry Killion  10/16/88

The Ordinances of the Church     Larry Killion  10/23/88

The Finances of the Church     Larry Killion  11/13/88

The Government of the Church     Larry Killion  11/20/88

The Name of the Church     Larry Killion  12/11/88

The Doctrine of the Church     Larry Killion  12/18/88

The Duties of the Church     Larry Killion  1/8/89

The Church Covenant     Larry Killion  1/15/89



 The Names of God. Jim Turner.                audio

Identifying Your Purpose. Pastor.               audio

Judging Job & Friends Ch.32-33. Pastor.    audio